History of the Warthog

Our open letter to all original and new Warthogs - click here to read.

Poking fun at the various animal logos appearing on preppy clothing in the ’80s, Britches decided to put the ugliest animal they could think of on a shirt and the iconic Warthog was born, along with the slogan ‘Only beautiful to another Warthog.’

Britches never anticipated the Warthog would become so successful, but the anti-snob logo quickly became one of Britches’ best-selling items.

The mission of Britches is to produce the highest quality gear at reasonable prices while focusing on our ecological impact. Every aspect of the operation requires the smallest environmental impact possible and a portion of each purchase is spent on positive global initiatives including over 4,000 trees planted to date, plastic recycling, & carbon reduction. We look forward to hearing your feedback & suggestions as we resurrect a great American style icon.

A Look Back


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Our Open Letter To All Warthogs

After 25 years we are bringing the original Britches Warthog back. We are deeply aware of the responsibility we bare in the rebirth of this iconic brand. This responsibility begins with a foundation built on quality, value, service, and honesty...

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